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Two live zoom calls per month with a subject of focus plus time for open discussion

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Connection with other women during this post pandemic world when in-person groups seem to be non existent!

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Additional resources and support to navigate this post partum partum journey.

The goal of this group is two fold. The calls will always have a structured topic hosted by Jenny and other industry experts. But we always want to devote time to open discussion so that all the ladies can learn from one another and support each other . In this post-pandemic era it seems that the classic mommy and me groups are few and far between, yet moms are yearning to connect with one another! So that's why we've created the PPP!! To learn, connect, support, laugh or cry...whatever you need, the PPP will be there for you!heTHisdsdsdsre

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let's do this ladies!

This is a recurring monthly charge, that will automatically be charged to your credit card. You can cancel at any time, we just need a minimum of five business days before the date of your next billing cycle.

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